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Notice: This blog is being absorbed and consolidated.

For people who followed this blog, know that i’m extremely grateful, but it has become too tedious to try to manage this blog, and my other blog, so i’ve made an executive decision to shut down this blog, and move all my posts over to my other blog, Prick Up Your Ears.

I’ve more or less decided that i’m going to have 1 more rounded blog than try to juggle 2 different ones. I’m not asking anyone to follow my other blog, unless you are genuinely interested in following. I’ll try to keep it as current and relavent as possible. It is mainly a music blog right now, but with the consolidation there will be more of a variety of posts. 

Thanks to all who followed, reblogged, or liked my posts, pictures, rants, or whatever else. You are all stupid awesome.

(i’ll be deleting this blog in a few days to let this post settle, if there is any settling to do)

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Zoom If a pink dog says so then it must be true

If a pink dog says so then it must be true

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Zoom the original

the original

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Zoom I bet we could too

I bet we could too

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